• I Paid A Bribe
  • 6 years ago

Registration of Flat - Paid bribe - Govement made a system where an innocent can't escape.

Reported on March 15, 2014 from Thane , Maharashtra  ι Report #40050

Hi there,
I went to Thane registration office for registration of my house. I had purchased a constructed flat with OC from Builder. The builder asked me to cordinate with his POA guy who is an property registration agent. The agent was initialy charging me .25% of stamp duty and registration as his "charges", I told him I don't want to pay you anything. I went to IDBI website and paid stamp duty and registration charges online (RTGS) and got eSTBR.

How ever when I went to registration office, I was told that the amount I paid for stampduty was less. I had paid 6% of registration amount +30,000 as registration. The system Conveniently rounds up the Value to higher 100's multiple. I had paid Rs 5,07,236. But at registration office they (registrator and his people) showed me its 5,07,300. I said why you can't round it to 5,07,200 they said we can't round it to 5,07,250 as its system thing.

Then they made me buy a Rs100 stamp paper. and in the end the builder people asked for Rs 7,000. I asked for what? Rs 100 stamp paper??? he said its inclusive of document handling charges, scanning charges... My agreement was of 67 pages and they gave me a CD with a super bad scan copy of documents.

No way I would have known to round the value to nearest 100 (the website taking stampduty charges never mentioned) and rs 7000 gone without any choice.

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