• I Paid A Bribe
  • 9 years ago

'Processing Fee'

Reported on March 12, 2011 from Udupi , Karnataka  ι Report #26608

I had applied for a passport when I was studying at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. When the Identity Verification by the Police came up, I was called by the Police Officer assigned to verify my details. I went to the Police Station on being called. The Senior Officer who had to sign off on my application had just come in. I was directed to ********** him by the Officer. I met the Senior Officer, he asked me a few questions, looked at my ID's and then signed off on the application. Once out of the Office, I was taken aside by the Officer. And he asked me for the 'Processing Fee' of 200 rupees. I had been advised by my friends to just pay up and get it over with. So, I paid the man 200 rupees and left the station. I did not feel good at all about the whole thing, and I regret that I paid a bribe.

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