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  • 7 years ago

Parle-G biscuits as Bribe

Reported on November 24, 2013 from Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh  ι Report #37917

Now this one is a bit funny. This incident happened to my elder brother way back in 2009 in Bhopal. He was going out with his friend on his bike. As usual, he was not wearing a helmet and was driving without vehicle papers. He had driving license but he forget to keep it in his wallet. Soon, he was caught by a traffic policemen. He asked for papers, license and other stuff which he was not having it. So he demanded a bribe of 100 Rs. But my brother and hi friend told him that they have only 20 Rs. So the policemen said ..ok....give me that 20 Rs. They gave him 20 Rs and were about to leave when that policemen noticed sum-thing in the pocket of my friend's trousers. It was a small Parle-G biscuit packet worth 10 Rs. Then the policemen said, give me that packet of biscuit also. My brother told his friend ..ok give it to him...So when my brother's friend was removing that biscuit packet from his pocket, a 50 paise coin also came out of it. At that point, the policemen also demanded that 50 paise coin and they gave it to him. What a journey it was...

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