• I Paid A Bribe
  • 4 years ago

Paid bribe

Reported on November 8, 2016 from Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #133301

First of all its not the police who visited our house.
It was us who had to visit the Police station.
The officer incharge was in civil dress so couldnt get to know the name.
date of incident was 8th november 2016, Time was around 11:15 am.
My area comes under Gorakhnath Thana this is where i went.
In his words he said 'kharcha pani kuch dijiye' which my father handed over. He told that ' ki are sahab ko bhi dena hota hai nahi denge toh seedhe baat kar lijiye' and asked for 2000 rs. Indirectly which meant that you will be denied passport unless you pay the money.
They are running a syndicate out there and I can clearly tell that I wasnt the only one who faced this.
I don't want to disclose my personal details because I know how U.P police is known for harassment.
Our hard earned money just goes in name of kharcha pani.
I know the money is gone and It doesn't matter anymore.
But these so called Public Servants must be publicly shamed and I am clearly telling you.
It's not just one person who is involved but the whole staff.
I have problem with the attitude ,Everyone knows but nobody is able to do anything.
It's an irony that we have to get our charcter verified by those who themselves don't have a good character.
I hope it

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