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  • 9 years ago

Daylight cheating in issuing Fitness Certificates

Reported on August 22, 2011 from Nagercoil , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #4239

As part of complying with the government rule of obtaining fitness certificates every 6 months for vehicles, i took my two wheeler and car to the Motor vehicle pollution testing center in nagercoil. This is an office located just opposite the nagercoil RTO office. There is one person sitting with a computer and printer. I told the person that i want pollution certificate for my vehicles. He just printed two papers from the computer WITHOUT EVEN GETTING UP FROM HIS SEAT, without testing the vehicle if it complies with the pollution norms or not. After printing the certificate he demanded Rs 85 (Rs 50 for car and 35 for bike) as charges. The pollution testing machine was not even switched on. Some arbitrary number was put on the certificate to show that the vehicle passed. The testing machine is in a corner of the room with cobwebs. People are standing in a queue and all of them are getting the same certificate after paying the required amount. No vehicle is tested for pollution control.

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