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  • 10 months ago

Bribe - A Real Shame

Reported on September 15, 2019 from Nagercoil , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #213542

This is a matter of real shame. The incident took place on 1st and 8th September 2019. The time of the incident was 12 noon. The place of incident was Mondaikadu Police Station. The name of the victim was K. Vimal Raj, S/O. A. Konchies, Puthoor Village. The culprits are the Constables and the S. I of the Mondaikadu Police Station. The Mondaikadu police on acceptance of huge bribe from a person called John from the same village arrested my brother, filed a false FIR and tortured him in the lock up. The constables and the S. I stole Rs. 5340 from my brother's shirt pocket as a bribe. Besides they snatched Rs. 1000 from my mother as a bribe on the pretext of buying food for him. When he was out on bail, the constables and the S. I of the Mondaikadu Police Station demanded Rs. 800 as a bribe to sign the bail register for consecutive days. Even I had to pay Rs. 500 for my passport renewal verification. It is a matter of real shame for the entire police force of the district. Mondaikadu police station is a symbol of bribe and abuse of power. The constables and the S. I are criminals in uniform. Can you do something to bring these criminals before the law? We believe you. Do not make us loose our faith and hope in you and your system.

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