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Its a Good one not The Bad

Reported on January 6, 2011 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #33240

Hello everyone,

At first I want to congratulate and say thanks to founders of this initiative.

The general opinion says that we are forced to give bribes. But think once that do we give ourselves a chance that the work could be done without giving bribe. I know there are many many many problems and the works are not done in systematic way. But can we give a try and see if we can avoid giving bribes. Here is one good story:

Half a year back my husband came to know about an onsite opportunity to USA. He wanted to take me along but I din't have passport. There was a verification certificate needed to get a tatkal passport given by any class-I officer like secretary, under secretary etc. My kid was not even one year that time. I left her with my sister and went to Vidhan Souda. There I tried to ********** many of the officers. But none of the PA's let me ********** them. Their point was "Do I know The Sir/Madam personally". I dint so they dint allow me to ********** officers. They kept sending me to other officer's cabins and I kept roaming from morning to afternoon. Then I met one person in the corridor who suggested me that my work cant be done without a bribe and I should offer bribe to one of the PAs. But I was not willing to go this way. I tried again with few more officers and the result was same. Then someone suggested me to go to DC office near "Magestic". I thought ok lets try. I went there and met PA of District Magistrate. He said I cant say anything but you can ********** "Sir". DM sir was busy. I waited for him till 6 in the evening. And when I got the chance to tell him my problem, he agreed to give me the certificate. At once PA was called and asked to prepare the required document.

Now it was my patience and his goodness that I could come to US along with my husband not later. I accept that even I would have bribed in case there was no other option. But I want to request you all that at least try if the work can be done without going on the wrong path. Is it not possible to take care of small things like: Keeping our vehicle docs updated, not to drive while drinking, not to brake traffic rules and similar other things in other areas. Its our country guys and we have to make it better. I know its easy to preach and difficult to do. But we must attempt some difficult things if we want to make our country free of corruption.

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