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  • 8 years ago

When the cop found out that we were not going to pay a bribe, he tried to confuse us with the exact fine

Reported on April 20, 2012 from Mangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #31325

I had parked my scooter at a no parking area. The cops towed it away. I went to the police station to claim it back. He asked for my insurance which i hadn't renewed. He told that the total fine for was 1500. I asked him if he could make it less. First he said no, don't you know traffic rules and what not.. Then i asked him again. He told me to open my wallet. Once i did so he told me to give what i had. I asked how much? He said just give we'll see. I again asked how much should i give. He again said "remove your cash we'll see how much." I removed 1000 rupees. He took the 1000 and told me to go. Which is when i politely told him " please give me a receipt". Now he was caught. He tried his best to confuse me. He again told me to open my wallet again. He took more cash from me, then returned some cash. Then he asked for change. i didn't have. He told me to go to a shop and get change. I went and got change. Again he took the change and kept on taking and giving cash back and forth. I was just keeping the count. finally he took a total of 600 from me. When preparing the bill he grumbled have we educated people don't know anything. Finally he gave me 2 bills. One of 500 for parking violation. One of 100 for not having insurance. I said "Thank-you" and left.

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