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  • 9 years ago

Was bribed for being out at night during 144 section.

Reported on March 18, 2011 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #32329

I am from Hyderabad but am pursuing my Master's in New York. I came for a vacation in this January when the 144 section was in force in Hyderabad due to the Telangana issue after 11pm. It was on the 1st of January that I met with my friends and we had a party at my friends house on his terrace in the evening. We had alcohol and we were done with the party by 11pm. Then we came down to dump the garbage in the bin around the corner of the road where my friend's house is. We forgot the time and the situation that we were actually 4 guys together after 11pm (it was only 5 mins past 11 pm by the way). After dumping the garbage we started to have a smoke and walk back towards the house. Then it happened that 4 constables on 2 bikes were patrolling around the area and they spotted us and came to us and started questioning. My friend showed them his house and said that we had a party since we had a reunion after a long time since I was back from the US. Then the constables started asking me all my details and stuff. I answered them queitly and then they were asking me money as if I owed them and I said sorry I do not have any money with me rite now and then they started saying do not lie you are here from US and you will have some money atleast dollars. Then I said sorry guys I really do not have any money and even I have any I wouldn't give you for this issue, we had a party in our friend's house and we just came down for dumping the garbage and a smoke which cannot be done inside the house ofcourse and we did not even group up on the main road and saying that I left them and went inside my friend's house and then it was my friend who had to request them not to get serious on this issue and he sent them away saying that his dad can speak with them right then if required. It was then that they were a bit reluctant but had to leave since the party was happening with everyone's knowledge and nothing was out of place, I mean they did not have any other option to screw us.

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