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  • 8 years ago

TTE tricked me to pay him bribe.

Reported on September 16, 2012 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #868

Me and one of my friend were about to go to a store in Paharganj,Delhi but we both did not know exactly how to reach there but all we knew that if we get down at New Delhi Metro station and take railway stations over bridge we can reach Paharganj and that was the only way we knew. When we were crossing the bridge my friend told me that we may get caught as we are in Railway property without Platform or any ticket. I said nothing will happen as I has crossed the same bridge in many occasion and nobody was present there ever. Then when we were about to come out one of the TTE came in and asked for Ticket,Ii explained the situation and said sorry. He said sorry will not be counted but we will have to pay the Penalty of Rs.250.00 each but considering our story he agreed to wave one of them. But when I took out Rs.200.00 from my pocket and was about to give remaining Rs.50.00 he put that Rs.200.00 in his pocket and asked us to leave. I know we did mistake and that is why I was Paying the penalty but still that guy turmed penalty amount into a bribe which was very Pathetic.

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