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I boarded the Mahanagri express on 10th July 2013 from Mirzapur…

Reported on August 24, 2013 from Mirzapur , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #35818

I boarded the Mahanagri express on 10th July 2013 from Mirzapur to Allahabad with my journey ticket of Mirzapur to Kanpur. I got in the sleeper class as train was coming from Varanasi and was mostly vacant. As soon as the train started moving the group of TTE entered the coach and started examining the tickets. I showed one of them the ticket i was having and he asked the other person to handle my case. The other person asked me to give Rs.340 for the slip . I said ok and asked him to make the slip. He again saw my ticket and seeing the journey to kanpur and as train gets diverted from Allahabad said to me .....do you get reiumbersement ....I said no., and handed over him 300 Rs and was searching for the balance amount in my pockets. The person came close to me and returned me hundred rupee note saying .........You give Rs.50 at whatever train you board for kanpur and kept Rs. 200 with him. I said to him you are charging Rs. 200 for 1 hour journey how will the other person let me go with meagre 50 rs. for three hour journey. I asked him to make the slip as i need not worry for the rest of my trip and paid Rs.340. I got down at allahabad and boarded another train Lal quila express for journey to kanpur which was packed by daily passengers till the brim of the entry gates and no TTE came and i travelled full four hours standing on the gate. I was physically tired but mentally i was happy as i have not cheated my self by paying the bribe.

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