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  • 8 years ago

TC Wanted but I declined tp pay instead make complete payment with Penalty

Reported on December 3, 2012 from Ahmedabad , Gujarat  ι Report #31111

I had booked train e-ticket online for Shatabdi from Ahmedabad to Vapi, wherein my Daughter was to Travel alone and my friend was to pick her up from Vapi Station.
It is mandatory to have Photo ID for atleast one person who is travelling with an e Tickets, but my duaghter did forget to carry her photo id whcih i only got to know when I was about to leave making her sit comfortable on her designated seait with her ticket. The moment I got to know..thought of taking pantry attendant help so that he can speak to the TC, and allow her to continue her journey w/o any objection. The 1st reaction was ..."that fine, dont worry I will talk to the TC..Chai Panee ka dedo" . I was bewildered with his demand fo Rs.500. I got disturbed and approchaed the TC, brifed him on teh background. His 1st reaction was " Chances of Squad on the checking and will make it difficult so cant do anything, pay me 750/- and will ensure no one bothers her" I asked him what is the fine if she is w/o the ID proffe though with legal valid tcket travelling in train. He said its 1500/-, immediately I pulled out Rs.1500 from my pocket and asked him to give me the receipt so that along with my daughter travelling without any hassel. The TC immediately found me straight forward guy and ensured and promised me he wil take care of any issues and see to it that she reaches Vapi w/o any problem from any authority on the train. He didnot take any brobe from me nor even insisted me to take a penalty paid for the same incindence.

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