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TC being too smart

Reported on April 18, 2013 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #34400

Story 3: December 8th 2012, I was coming back to Delhi from Bhubanaeswar in Purshottam Express. I had a reservation in 2nd Ac however my ticket was under RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) so for a 30 hour journey, I had to share my seat with another gentleman. On the first night in the train, I was fortunate to get a berth to sleep on, since many passengers were expected to come in the morning and the TC was kind enough to let me grab one for the time being. However, there was hardly any space the next night. I was told to ask the new TC, who would board at Allahabad Station, to allot me a berth to sleep on, if there is one free. The train had been delayed by 6 hours already and so we reached Allahabad at 1:30 AM. I explained the TC my situation only to be told to come back in 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes he allotted me a berth of a person who had not boarded the train from Allahabad. Thanking my stars, I grabbed my stuff to go to the berth and thanked the TC for his generosity. When I reached my berth I could see that he was expecting something more than some appreciation. He asked me to come to see him with my ticket after I am done settling in. I approached him with my e-ticket and his response was “ Oh it’s on mobile, if you had the paper one I would have written your seat number on it, Anyways Kuch Seva kar dijiye” ( Please do some charity by paying me a bribe). With a puppy face and in a very polite manner I replied back saying “Sir, I am sorry but mae Seva nahi karta hun “(I am sorry I don’t do charity). He was taken aback and came back with “Yeh to bahut acchi baat hae ki Seva nahi karte hae aap” ( It is very good that you don’t do charity). That was the end of the conversation and I slept like a baby on my new cherished possession.

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