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  • 10 years ago

Scare the unethical Police to save yourself.

Reported on March 4, 2011 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #32501

Hyderabad Polices only works for Ministers and Film stars protection, They are there only for VIPs, they do the traffic polices duty too if any film star or Vip is on the road.

Well my story starts with a cloudy Sunday when we friends decided to go for a photo shoot from the rocky areas of Banjara Hills. We chose a very nice spot from a height to see a part of the city and started clicking, we crossed a line of huge boulders and started clicking from a beautiful view. We were about to leave when A Bike with two police men came and stopped next to our vehicle and started yelling at us in telegu, I told him "Sir, we don't understand telegu can you translate??"
He told me "let me take you to the police station then you'll understand"
I told my friends "let me handle this, stay calm"
and turned to the police "Whats wrong?? why do we have to go to the police station, we didnt do any crime"

Police "You trespassed to a restricted area"

Me "Where is it written that this is a restricted area?"

The Police looked around and told... " So what if its not written, it is a restricted area when I'm telling you.. now don't waste our time and come down to police station"

Me "How are we supposed to know if its not written!!"

Police2 "you wanna settle this here??"

Me "what do you mean??" (though I knew what he meant)

Police1 "follow us to the police station we'll make you understand"

Me "it'll be a human rights issue then"

Police1 "do you wanna scare me with human rights **********?"

Me "no am not scaring you, it will happen if you take me to the police station"

Police1 "call the human rights or ministers I don't care"

I then called my father and told him in our mother tongue the whole story in short and to start pretending as a Human rights officer.

My father then talked to the police and and told him "Plz dont do such things that will force me come down there, am already a busy person in human rights".

well that worked well in the polices mind.

He hung the phone and asked me what we do??

I said we work in a studio...
and he was like "Oh!! why didnt you tell me first. so you guys were doing shoot for your studio, but dont do it here, its not safe in this hilly area, now go somewhere else and do photography"

they were there till we left.

so a bluff worked on those Bribe mongers mind..


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