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I returned to India in the month of May 2009 from UK and have lost…

Reported on November 28, 2014 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #47507

I returned to India in the month of May 2009 from UK and have lost my Driver's licence which was issued in 2000. I approached the concerned local RTA authorities where I was informed that it might take an indefinite time to get the information as the RTA that issued the licence originally is from a different locality. A transfer request would be initiated if required without any assurance of the time it might take.

The process :
I was asked to apply for a fresh licence and was directed to a agent who would help me obtain one. I approached a agent who asked 3300 for the process. I was surprised at the figure mentioned as it was costing just about Rs.640/- for both category vehicles (motor cycle with gear and LMV (light motor vehicle). I denied to pay the amount and searched for the procedure my self.

The Solution :
Unable to find any help over the internet or at the local RTA office, i approached the commissioners office of andhra pradesh state (now telangana state)where i was given complete knowledge of applying for a learning licence (LLR) and the permanent driver's licence which would be valid through out India in any state.

The Next Step :
I wanted to know the kind of questions asked in the LLR and have searched the internet for the same but all the efforts were in vain. I once again approached the commissioner's office and was told that there is a booklet which would help me in knowing the type of questions asked and that it would be available in the help counter. I purchased a booklet and then it struck to me that there could be still people around in my country who could be in a situation like mine. That is exactly when i thought of sharing this knowledge across the Indian subcontinent across all states as a drivers licence issued in any state in india is valid across the country.

The Solution :
I created a website called www.DrivingTest.in. Not to mention that it took quite a while formulating the information for general public. The Deputy Commissioner of RTA Hyderabad has helped me collate all the information pertaining to almost all the transactions related to Road Transport authority such as licencing, Vehicle Registrations etc.

Within this website, I have summed up all the information gathered from the authorities and have made available, free LLR Test samples. I have offered free registration on the website for the general public upon which they would have access to 100's of questions pertaining LLR Test in various states per RTA, India.

www.DrivingTest.in was launched by the Deput Commissioner for Transport, Andhra Pradesh and have provided assistance to lakhs of indian public aspiring to obtain either a drivers licence or any other RTA related transaction.

Moral :
After undergoing all the turmoil, the moral that i have got out of it is that, instead of complaining about a particular issue, why don't we initiate steps to eradicate it from the roots ? Everything in this world is connected with time. If not immediately, slowly and steadily with focus, a clean society is definitely possible. All it needs is initializing the process. Someone has to initiate it. Why not you ?

The process for various RTA transactions such as Drivers Licence and other helpful links are provided below for reference if need be.
For Forms, Fees and Procedure (By clicking the form number it can be downloaded) : http://www.drivingtest.in/forms-fees-procedure.php

For Learning licence Test samples in india :

For free registration to take simulation learner driver licence tests in india :

For road Signs such as cautionary, mandatory & Information signs used widely in India :

For all types of RTA forms used in India :

Links for booking LLR Test slots in various States in India (Will update this list periodically) :
Andhra Pradsesh : https://aptransport.in/APCFSTONLINE/LL/TestCenter.aspx
Karnataka : http://rto.kar.nic.in/ (click on Online Applications)
Kerala : http://www.keralamvd.gov.in/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=53&Itemid=89
Maharashtra : http://mahatranscom.in/licence.aspx
New Delhi : http://www.delhi.gov.in/wps/wcm/connect/doit_transport/Transport/Home/Driving+Licence/Learner+Licence
Tamilnadu : http://tnsta.gov.in/transport/know_RtoLoad.do
Telangana State : https://aptransport.in/TGCFSTONLINE/LL/TestCenter.aspx

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