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RTO Pune : Its like a ********** in the middle of the city.

Reported on January 4, 2011 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #32596

How we never gave up but they did …

Hi following is a true story based on my personal experience. By end of this blog I hope at least you the reader, wont be paying any bribe at RTO, Pune.
First let me guide you how to reach RTO, Pune - for paying road tax or for change in registration number or for collecting NOC.

There is only one office where you have to go, do not go to any branch offices, only RTO,Pune at ********** Nagar.
After reaching university road go straight cross Pune Central on the right, go ahead on the flyover, cross first red light, take left from the next red light, a small bridge will come followed by another redlight, go straight cross a bridge, keep left Pune, Rto will appear at next redlight in another 200mts. Opposite ********** petroleum. Enter the ********** hole from second entrance.

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As you will enter RTO, Pune groups of Dalal (aka brokers ) will jump on you, misguide you and will confuse you in every manner. But please do not get trapped in their words thtz why I am writing this post.


Firstly lets get cleared some facts : If you have brought your bike or car from another state to Maharashtra, you just need to pay road tax which is 7% of the original price after depreciation, no need for any NOC or change in reg.no. nothing only road tax. Example : a 9-10 year old bike whose original value was 50000 has to pay 7% of 50000 = 3500, after this depreciated value will be calculated which is 50% of 3500 for 9-10 yr bike which is 1750.

Documents to be carried in case of ROAD TAX:
Copy of Registration Certificate.
Copy of Insurance.
Copy of PUC.
Copy of Local rent agreement.
That’s it, you just need one more form called FT form which you can collect from the Xerox shop in RTO complex it will cost Rs.1.50.

Dangle and his Dirty Pims !

Fill the form attach the mentioned photo copies, and go to ARTO Mr.Dange (hes a nice guy). He will sign on the docs and you have to go to Mr.Dangle (the real **********) for road tax calculation. Now here comes the most irritating part, Dangle will first introduce you to one of his pimp in a very shady manner, like a move of his hand – its really hilarious how this clerk behaves. But be stern and ask him to calculate road tax for your vehicle. He will make you visit his desk atleast 2 times. Eventually when he'll get that ure in no mood to pay his pimps, he’ll sign the document and you can pay the road tax at Window no.19.

Important timings :
Make sure to reach rto around 10-10:30 am. So that you have some time to handle ******* and his dirty pimps.
Lunch break is from 2:30 to 3. But ******* is busy collecting money from his pimps, so he’ll be at his desk only by 3:30, try to avoid reaching RTO post lunch, as things are very slow at that time
WIndown no.19 where you have to submit Tax operated only till 2:30pm. So if ******* tells you to collect docs aftr 3pm. He actually wants, to waste your time, so that you approach one of his dalals.
If you follow the above steps you can definetly get all things done without paying any bribe to anyone.
Once you’ll enter RTO you’ll get a disgusting feeling, as if govt. officers are like whores with hundreds of pimps all around. But if we are firm in are action we can stop this ********** corruption, please be patient and don’t let these preposterous clerks deter your spirit.
********** ********** !!!


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