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  • 9 years ago

Refused to pay bribes for passport verification

Reported on May 14, 2011 from Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #32030

We refuse to pay any bribes because we believe that it is illegal and would encourage this rotten practice. November 2009 my wife had to apply for a new passport and when the police officer came home some weeks later for verification he didn't ask for money and we did not give any. For 2 months there was no news of this passport. I had to go to the passport officer and then the whole hierarchy of police offices and officers down to the local police station and up again, at times with my wife, till we got that passport finally without a bribe. We had to waste a lot of time and money to move around and it became urgent as we needed that new passport so that we could apply for a new passport for one of our daughters (while her old one was expiring) at the German Embassy in New Delhi (I and our children have German passports). Most people here actually could not believe that we got this passport without any bribe. If you are trying to do such things in the proper way you get severely punished - by whom? By those who take an oath and get paid (though not enough!) to enforce the law of this country. And punished for what? For disturbing them in their criminal habits. The worst is that the police is under the thumbs of politicians with usually the same criminal habits! Will these things ever change?

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