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  • 7 years ago

Refused to pay the bribe for passport.

Reported on November 21, 2013 from Mirzapur , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #37508

I made an application for a new passport and as a process of verification I was called upon by Local Police Station where the Police man who was supposed to sign the verification letter asked me to give some money for "Kharcha-Pani"-the very common word used in UP in place of bribe.
I refused to give it, so he threatened me that my passport will not be issued but I told him that I will not give him a single penny for this and got out of the station.
Hopefully, It got verified and again I was called upon by Local Intelligence Office(LIU) where also the sub-inspector asked me to pay so money to his collegue( in short he indirectly asked for bribe), there also I refused to pay the bribe and then he told me a weird thing that "Jao beta tumahra passport toh ab aane se raha". By hearing this I asked him again that what was it meant for, so he forced me to give him a sum of Rs. 1000 and then I told him that I will be giving it to you sir but inplace of that I want a acceptance letter in written from you, which he refused to give. We argued for around half an hour and after seeing my "gyan" about anticorruption he told me that lets see in how many days will your passport gets ready.
I was not in a hurry to get so I waited for it and received it after 1 month.

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