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  • 6 years ago

Power cut after paying the bill

Reported on March 13, 2014 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #40025

I use to pay my bills within 1 week of getting the receipt.
One night I came back from work and found that there was no power, Societly guard told me that I haven't paid the bill, I was like WTF..!!
I rushed to Electricity department with the copy of paid bills and the guy over there was drunk, and he said check over there we got all the list of people who crossed their last date. I tried to cross question him even if I crossed the date,then still you guys should inform before taking that down.
He was too drunk, He was not understanding anything, then I left him as he was doing what senior guys ordered him, then after some 2 hours wait for senior guy he said give me something I will make it in some 30 mins, He asked for 5K and we settle it over 500.
After taking that he said go back home and they will be there in a few mins.
At my main entrance my guard told me that they use to do this and they use to take the fuse and hide it somewhere. We tried to search it and it was hidden behind some other meters, We fixed that and I am still not sure I am an ass or I paid bribe that guy never came to fix my disconnected connection.

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