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Hello Sir/Madam, I, Farook Contractor residing at kuwar lodge ,…

Reported on December 15, 2014 from Vadodara , Gujarat  ι Report #43526

Hello Sir/Madam,

I, Farook Contractor residing at kuwar lodge , alkapuri , baroda want to complain about the police in my city. Details about the case . we are staying at the above address with my family and brother and his family. my father staying with our step brother and his family , we had this house from our grand father and living there since our birth, now my father has sold this house to dharmendra sing and mayang patel (Builders) , but as we are staying there we have filled a case in the court and the land dispute case is in the court. but this builders have bribe the police and have force fully entered our house primises and near 20 gundas are staying there and have distroyed the small resturants which is build in the compound of our house. as our earning was from this restaurants only. our house is build of 650000 sp feet. and 1,00,000 sq feet land behind the house. now we have complain to police that they have forcefully entered our house and destroying our property and is danger to our life and our kids. But police is not even ready to take our complain or lodge an F.I.R , even the police commissioner is not ready to help us.
This builders are very strong and we cant fight with them alone they have money ,power and police on their side. I have also got stay order on this property still they entered our house and destroying our property and no police in the city is ready to listen our problem.
Police commissioner house is just feet meters away from our house still he is not ready to take our complain. I am also an officer of Human rights and also in police press but still i am not able to fight this mafias.
So i would like to request you to please help us to remove this criminals from our house premises. please do some investigation on this issue and help us.

Kind Regards,
Farook Fali Contractor
mobile : 0091-9033056660

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