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  • 10 years ago

One year old can be a terrorists

Reported on October 27, 2010 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #32643

This is related to police verification for passport for my 1 year old daughter.. Strangely one day a constable came to my house for verification, usually you have to go to the police station. As he was asking question I was thinking for the first time some govt babu is doing his duty, as I have paid bribe for my passport. But I was wrong suddenly he told me to get the kid to the police station. I argued that you have seen the child then why? he told me that bade (senior) babu needs to see the kid. Then I realize that he means business..
But this time i dont want to pay the bribe. So i went to the police station, he told me to bring the child on a specific **********. Also he asked me to bring a friend as a guarantee. I took my friend, Then he made me write a letter - dont know why as i have not done this during my verification.. When i again asked if it is necessary to bring the child then he says that after the mumbai attack they have become more careful and they dont want that some suspicious person gets the passport. I was laughing and surprised at his answer. All this took 3 days also i am not mentioning the time I have to wait in the station when these useless police men were chatting. Each time hiw eyes were asking money but i didnt want to understand what he want to say. So on the judgement day as I was getting ready to take my child, door bell rings and the postman was standing with the passport in his hand.. I felt happy that this was the first govt. work that i have done without paying any single rupee... But also was shocked that the policeman just wanted the money thats why he was creating all these troubles..

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