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No body talks about curruption in public themseleve like Rikshaw wala meter se jyada leta hai

Reported on February 14, 2016 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #92642

If u realy want to debate or evaluation on curruption add one more dragdown button against Public itself,

The quantum of corruption would be lakh times more than u shown.

Illustration : Cases of Alteration of MRPs, Food alteration, evasion of revenue etc. The culprit is benefited by for eg. Rs. 100 and paying only 10% approx. if caught.
I am not saying that 10% taker is not corrupt but all are not talking about 90% wala corrupt.

is it not a curruption?
if flower vendor is selling Ganda flower Rs. 25 killo upto night on a day before Dasera festival in India and he is selling same flowers at Rs. 100/- Killo in the morning on Dasera.!

When u r reaching at Rly. Stations like Bombay Central with luggage and want to reach CST. Though u know taxi fare would be maximum Rs. 100/- but when taxiwalas looking at u with luggage They can think that u r from outside Mumbai and charging Rs. 350/- lump sum. Corruption of Rs. 250/- per passanger. For eg. daily 1000/- passanger quantum would be 250000/-(2.5 lakh). yearly quantum would be 2.5 lakh X 365 days = 9.13 crores(approx). This would be picture of 1 station. Now think about all over India level yearly corruption on this account by only taxi, rikshaws etc. The fig would be more than u r shown figure. This is example of corruption by so called poor public in India. Think about rich corrupt persons. The figure would be so extended that u cant show it on screen.

Is it not a corruption!

It is puzzle that that taxiwalas, rikshawalas, Garib Vendors like flower seller is often talking about corruption.

Conclusion :
corruption can only be stopped if we ourself stop it. From ourside first and not from otherside. If we stop it from ourside. Then we have courage to catch others. Otherwise only we can talk about corruption and feel happy!And it will remain only talk. so dear think about it. thank u.

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