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A minor mistake in ticket

Reported on April 18, 2013 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #34398

Story 1: July 28th 2012, my wife and I boarded the Kolkata Rajdhani from Kanpur at 6:00 AM to go to New Delhi. We settled into our seats when the TC came to check the tickets. He pointed a mistake which was, while booking the tickets I had forgotten to select “Female” for my wife and hence the default entry “male” was reflecting against her name. To clarify further, the TC asked me to come to his seat with a valid Id proof of my wife.

On reaching there, he started telling me how grave a mistake that was and insisted that I should pay the fine and get a new ticket made for my wife. The new ticket would have cost me Rs. 1900, against the standard price of Rs. 1000 because of the fine for boarding the train without a ticket. I apologized to him for my mistake and requested him to cross check all other details and consider this as a genuine mistake. To that he made me an offer of settling the issue by paying Rs.500 as bribe. I politely told him that “neither I nor you will like if I paid a bribe. We keep cribbing about corruption and now we are indulging in it ourselves (and a little more gyan). If you think that it is such a grave mistake then I will buy a new ticket and later file a TDR for the existing one, but I would not pay the bribe”. He had no defence and so he told me that I can go and need not pay anything.

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