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  • 9 years ago

Little intiative can make difference

Reported on June 13, 2011 from Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #31905

I got married in Lucknow 13 years back and wanted a marriage certificate from the registrar then. So I applied in the stipulated form with all the required papers attached with it. At that time the stipulated fee for a marriage certificate was nine rupees (Rs 9) only but the dealing person asked me Rs 400 (four hundreed) rupees and explained me that there are many people in the ********** where this 400 rupees is to be distributed so anything less than Rs 400 is not acceptable. I did not agree to it. So he told me that you have not attached some papers (though they were quite unrelated and unprescribed for the marriage certificate) so bring them. This way evry day he told me to bring new new papers for three days. Then on the 4th day I dicided to do somthing and straight went into the registrar's chamber without caring anybody and complained everything loudely (in english)so that other present there can here everything. The registrar was surprised and emmbarsed as well and ordered the person concerned to issue the marriage certificate at that time. I got the marriage certificate at the same instant and just paid 9 rupees i.e. the stipulated fee that time. Those days I was living in Ahmedabad and had come to Lucknow for this marriage certificate as per the law that one should register the marriage at the place of marriage. Though I had to waste three extra days but at the end it was satisfying and fruitfull. So, I thing with little intiative we can make difference.

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