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Laptop my father earned working hard

Reported on August 25, 2011 from Thiruvananthapuram , Kerala  ι Report #31561

I was going to India in 1999 to do my bachelors and my dad had bought me a laptop so i could do a course in Kerala.When i raeched the airport customs in Trivandrum the customs official told me that the duty of the laptop was approx Rs 30000.I said I didnt have so much money to pay. I was carrying only Rs 1000 with me.He made me stand there for a while and then a another customs official approached me and said that if I paid Rs 6000 he would clear me in taking the computer. I refused and again said I had only Rs 1000 with me.He knew he could ge any money from me as I didnt have it. Thus he said I have to surrender it in the airport customs as per procedure and any person leaving back to the the country from where I travelled can take it back Thus I surrendered the laptop which was bought by my father with his hard earned money.After a 2 months as a relative was travelling I went to teh airport to take the laptop and send it back when I realised that there was many parts missing in the laptop .The laptop couldnt be used again at all .

This is my story .

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