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My father who used to work in ECIL retired in 2007. He and about…

Reported on December 30, 2014 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #49116

My father who used to work in ECIL retired in 2007. He and about 50 other colleagues who retired around the same time are yet to receive their gratuity payment, which is around 6-7 lakh per head. Repeated requests to ECIL were futile as the company said they don't have the money to pay the retired officers, though the current employees are receiving their hikes on time. Finally a group of 20 retired ECIL officers visited the Labour commisioner's office in Nallakunta today (30 Dec 2014 around 11AM). The officer who is supposed to sign the dotted line demanded Rs 50000 per head (that is 50000*20= 10 lakh) to help the senior citizens to get what is rightfully theirs! He did this through one of his touts. You may verify this by enquiring at the labour office if ECIL employees had indeed visited. Can anyone help the senior citizens who have no source of income to receive what is rightfully theirs?

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