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Kahaani ghar ghar ki

Reported on November 16, 2012 from Vadodara , Gujarat  ι Report #31142

As a matter of fact since 1998- to till date today (11-12 years) I have been fighting hard with all the constitutional bodies to get basic civic amenities at my residence newly built house. Since 1998 I have been facing in-justice, delay in carrying out field work to let me enjoy civic amenities like drinking water connection (for 10-11 years), conspiracies amongst government bodies to deny me in-directly civic amenities like water connection, sanitation sewerage line, cleanliness surrounding area, electricity connection (for 5-6 years), leading approached road as per town planning road approved by authority, street light, un-healthy atmosphere living condition, pathetic situatution, trauma, justice. The delay in delivering justice, in giving civic amenities is intentionally & wittingly committed by the systems like administration/judiciary/political & media. As the custodians of the systems are fearful getting exposed. Hence my fight against all these manipulates & political maneuvering for political mileage should be considered as my activities or initiatives considered as my activities or projects I have taken up to eradicate corruption & un-ethical from the systems. In my all written arguments with the systems I have stressed the need upon having a good, honest & transparent good governance out of my sheer hard work, physical pains, trauma, time consume to get civic amenities, incurred expenses, mental torture I have finally been able to get my own administrative efforts water connection & electricity connection at my home 15-March-2007 (drinking water connection10-11 years) & 27-May-2003 (Electricity5-6 years.). After fighting hard for 10-11 years I do all the activities in limited fund resources & if at all I empowered by a world renowned body like you I am sure I can turn the table on errant systems & push the corrupt official to a dead end/ retired at home. All my grievances have occurred at OTHER PLACE BUT AT PRESENT PLEASE

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