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If any government official denies you the info ASK FOR IT IN WRITING

Reported on July 6, 2013 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #34830

I had a bad experience at the time of receiving the bike as parcel. Two days after my bike was packed for parcel at Kalyan station, I went to Pune station to receive it. The clerk lady at the desk checked my receipt & told me to search for bike on platform to see if it has arrived. I requested her to check into the register to see if my bike is arrived. But she refused telling me that, "If my your bike is arrived, then it will be on platform. If not, it hasn't arrived yet."

She didn't even tell me which platform to search on. There are 8 platforms which are almost 300-500m long. After a tiring search of first platform, me & my brother got tired and talked to a coolie to check for it. We set off for different platforms searching it for almost 45 mins. Neither us or coolie found it, so we didn't pay the coolie. We again went to the parcel office. The clerk lady coldly told me to confirm whether the bike is boarded in train from Kalyan.

Second day my dad went to the parcel office & asked the lady to look into the register to check whether bike has arrived. She again denied looking & told him too to search the platforms. So in a stern voice he asked her to give in the writing with her sign that 'There is no entry of bike in register'. She frowned upon this and banged the register on table & searched for the entries. She didn't find any. So she took the initiative & called up at Kalyan parcel office. There they told that bike wasn't boarded at the train yet. She told my dad that bike will come to Pune tomorrow.
So next day I went & collected the bike. This time she told me the correct platform number by looking into the register.

What lesson I learned from this is, if any government official denies you the info or expresses inability to serve you in task, you should ASK FOR IT IN WRITING.
They generally have every detail information about it in their registers. They just deny the info or hide to loot money from you. They insist the assistance of coolies their, who charge from 100 to 250 Rs. to search and deliver your bike. Sure there must be a 'cut' for the office clerk from the collies. For obtaining these 100-200Rs., they waste people's precious time & energy & ultimately money too!

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