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  • 8 years ago

I paid for not paying the bribe.

Reported on December 18, 2012 from Patna , Bihar  ι Report #31092

I was going to my office in the morning and because of a truck before me I didn't see the red signal at traffic crossing.When I realized that I had done a mistake,I stopped my motorcycle and pushed it back at the place as I had not gained much distance.The traffic inspector came and took out my keys and asked me to park it beside the road.I did the same and asked that I didn't break the rule as I reverted timely after realizing my mistake.He said that this is not enough and I need to pay the fine.When I asked about the fine,he said lightly to give 100 bucks and go,I insisted to give me the receipt for the fine.
He got irritated and said that some people like troubles in their lives and I should take the motorcycle to the police station near to that place and he will see how much fine I should pay.He started checking everything right from my certificates for Pollution Control,black paint on headlight,my insurance etc.Finally he gave me a challan of Rs.1500,which I had to withdraw from ATM to pay and get my motorcycle back.When I was leaving the place,he was laughing along with his colleagues on me and said with a smirk on his face....."See you soon".

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