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High morality

Reported on March 1, 2011 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #32527

Theres a famous bridge in pune(Sambhaji pul) , where two wheelers arent allowed to commute on that bridge. I was a new in those parts, and I went on the bridge,I heard atleast two rikshawala's pointing out to me and saying something. I thought it was a puncture, so I stopped and checked for wheel pressure - everything seemd ok, proceeded towards exit , nad there they were, waiting in ambush mode.

That dude was an old man somewhere in his 50s , asked me to pay money. I asked what are the charges. He seemed pretty reluctant to actually spell out the violations , and began threatning me with placing more violations if i argued more.

I still insisted on knowing what violations i had commited,finally he said 2 violations. I tried arguing, because the other charge was lousy about the L(learners) not being in proper shape.

So, a total of 200rs.

I asked him I need recipt if I pay the money.

He was agitated, and there seems to be some adjustment in that too.
So, then he said if you want recipt you will have to go to rto hqs in ********** peth.

Fortunately my brother came there when I called him,and we both argued quite a lot.

He still said we have to go somewhere else to pay the fine, and then when we agreed to do even this , he called up his co-members' phone and was asking for favors for sending us to him!

:) Btw, the only I learned taking responsibility for doing wrong things due to rashtriya swayamsevak sangh.

This is my attempt to give some good light to that glorious organization.

\,,/ peace out.

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