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Harsh chaturvedi, deputy director of Industrial health and saftey demands bribe and most corrupt off

Reported on January 29, 2016 from Gwalior , Madhya Pradesh  ι Report #91017

Mr Harsh Chaturvedi, of Factories Act 1948 now known as Audyogik Swasth evam suraksha, Moti mahal, Gwalior MP, regularly demands bribe from us and we kept ignoring his illegitimate demands. This time he threatened us to either pay bribe or troubling us by keep on filing cases and send to the court. He said to pay him money or be ready to make rounds of the court.
This way he is harassing us taking undue advantage of his position.
He is the most corrupt officer whom we have come across.
As a proprietor of SSI, there are so may issues which we have to deal with right from procurement of raw material, marketing, sales and getting our payments from clients.
In this scenario of tough competition and for sustenance, we need the co-operation of public departments to co-operate with us regarding the compliances of the respective laws. But it is seen that the public officers take the advantage of their position to misappropriate the money and create problem for the entrepreneurs which is very bad for the enthusiasm of the industrialist.
Harsh Chaturvedi is same kind of person who has nothing to do with the betterment of workers or industry and only concerned with earning money by bad means and by taking wrong use of his position.
He is persistent to file small-small cases and sending that to courts, so that we shall spend our precious time by making rounds of the court.
This time he did inspection in august 2015 and filed report of petty violations, which we replied vide our letter dated and we ensured to make the compliances.
Instead of this, he filed the report and send it to the Morena court.

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