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5 friends got together at Miami Club, Pune CIty. On way back to…

Reported on March 6, 2014 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #39910

5 friends got together at Miami Club, Pune CIty. On way back to Chinchwad, 3 (2 girls and 1 guy, all Non Maharastrians) of us got into one car (Non Maharastra Number Plate), stopped by Police. The male friend who was driving was asked for license and then the police van starting moving saying come to police station. The male friend begged to let us go and settle here. Meanwhile, one police guy came near the car, in which I and my female friend were sitting. He asked basic questions we answered, and then said something in marathi twice, we said we dont undesrtand marathi. Then he said "tum ache ghar ki ladkiyan iss time pe bahar..." and all sanskaar and crap.. The moment he mentioned "tumhare parents ko pata hai?" I jumped in "Hanji bilkul pata hai" to which he replies "lagau phone fir?" and I said showing my phone "main lagati hun" and then he started talking to my friend and asked him same questions. She being inexperienced with police officers was terified a little and thats when i popped in asking in english, "Sir, we are educated people tell us what is the problem, what is our mistake?" and he dozed off. After 2 minutes our male frriend came back to the car shouting on us-"couldnt you behave well? police guys said you were showing attitude. Now we have to go to police station". Well thats what happens in India !! We were taken to police station without a female constable and were called inside the police station. In this time I had talked to my parents for our secuirty, so that they know what is the deal with these police men. We called up a few local friends to SECURE US (girls dressed in partywear, accessories and heels) from these policemen! 2 Police men took our contact details and said go home, take your license tomorrow by paying Rs.70,000.. which got down to Rs.10,000 eventually. This did not end here. The male friend went to police chowki first thing in morning and paid Rs.5000, requesting them to settle on this. The police officer insisting on "bring those two girls and ask them to pay Rs.5000" not ready to listen anything, after which our friend again in evening went alone, begged and finally he got his license back!

I have dealt with police earlier and never paid bribe to them, got a challlan cut but not paid bribe.. this was the worst experience ever, that to without being at fault. I refused to pay bribe and insisted the guy with us (male friend was my female friend's good friend) not to pay anything to these so called "Protectors of society" who turned into "Moral inspectors" in our case!

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