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A very interesting incidence happened a year back back and repeated…

Reported on August 3, 2013 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #35065

A very interesting incidence happened a year back back and repeated last month. One year ago, we got a call from our agency stating that someone from Indian oil will visit us for your gas inspection. We said Ok. The person visited and checked the pipe and regulator for cuts and leakage. He then asked Rs. 200. We refused to pay as we didnt asked for the service. He threatened us that he would ensure that we would not get gas refill bottle. So, we called the agency, unfortunately, they didn't entertain us. Last month the phone rang again, my father had picked up the call and heard the same voice from the agency that someone would visit to inspect the gas. He refused and asked her not to send anyone. On hearing that she replied rudely "Bottle nahi chahiye kya?" and then hanged the phone. My father then call me and asked me to deal with this issue. I called them and asked what the issue is. She said company Indian Oil asked us for such inspection to all our customers. I inquired about the rule and she had no answer. At last she agreed that she will send someone but we would not have to pay anything. When the person came to visit, I said that I wont give him any money, he returned back.

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