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Fight for getting new gas connection from Bharat Gas

Reported on August 24, 2013 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #35823

Well, I have figured out a way of getting new gas connection from BHARAT GAS. This is how I managed to get a double cylinder gas connection without paying a single penny as bribe to the corrupt employees of Bharat Gas Agencies. Follow these steps:

1. Start afresh from step 5 or Go to nearest Bharat Gas Agency. Keep your phone ready for voice/video recording.

2. Ask the agency employee about the pricing of two cylinder gas connection. I am sure you would get the reply as "Sir, Rs 10,500 for 2 cylinders'.

3. Say again that you asked for 2 cylinder gas connection and nothing else. You would hear the same response with one more thing that connection will be issued in 3 days. Don't forget to record all these.

4. Do a double check with agency manager and record his voice as well. There will be no difference in the manager's and agency staff employee's responses.

5. Go back to your home and open this website - http://www.ebharatgas.com/pages/footer/Talktous.html

6. Submit a complaint against that Bharat Gas Agency. There will an enquiry from the PETROLEUM MINISTRY within 3 days of the complaint submission.

7. 3rd or 4th day after complaining, you would DEFINITELY get 3-4 calls from the manager of the agency. Ask the manager to email you the break up of tariff for 2 cylinder gas connection. Please note that total charge should not be more that Rs 4100. This includes gas charges Rs 420 * 2 = Rs 840 as well and excludes stove price.

8. Manager will ask you to fill online kyc form for new bharat gas connection and meet him with all the documents - Rental Agreement is must, a photo id like AADHAR CARD or PAN CARD or DRIVING LICENSE or VOTERS CARD or PASSPORT, and an electricity bill/BSNL phone bill (owner name on bill and rental agreement should be same) and 2 photographs.

9. Meet the manager with all the docs and kyc form. Manger will butter you up that connection will be issued in a week time. Manager will unnecessarily delay in issuing connection and will make same excuse every time you meet/call him. Actually it took 3 weeks in my case.

10. Have patience and meet the staff/manager of agency 2-3 times a week. Your job is to irritate them so that they issue you connection ASAP. Within 3 weeks your documents will be generated. You will be asked to come and pay the connection charges by the agency staff.

11. Now this is the time to fight with manager. Keep your phone ready for video/voice recording again. Manager will start shouting on you that because of you there was an enquiry from petroleum ministry. He will force you to buy stove and some other stuffs from agency.

12. You resist and shout back. You tell that manager has no right to force you to buy anything from agency. You tell about the recording and tell you are going to submit another compaint against the agency about the forced sale of stuffs by him.

13. Manager will beg you not to do such things as he has no way to make some easy money . He will immediately release cylinders for you. Either you can carry cylinders or get it delivered to your home at deliver rate of Rs 25 each cylinder.

It took about 8 months to learn that bharat gas complaint site really works like wonders. I've been using induction all these days.

I am a bribe fighter. Are you?


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