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Reported on October 11, 2014 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #45138

The CI of Police,
PS Neredmet,
Malkajgiri Circle,

Sub: Intimidation (Harm) from Neighbor family and my younger brother family.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Me and My family is having risk from our neighbor and my brother’s family they frequently disturb us and they abuse with some bad words and frequently shout at us.
The ladies of both the families are creating disturbance in our family. They are creating differences in our family through which my family is getting disturbed. They use rough language. These people are using their relatives and other people to create some mishap in our family they make some comments and filthy jokes on our ladies.
They also abuse us by using some caste name.
The lady and her husband frequently stare us as if they want to quarrel with us.
These people are defaming us this is leading to psychological and mental depression. This also creating disturbance within our family leading to frequent quarrelling, these people with some other people are forming a group and trying to create violence. His family and my bother family are exploiting others on us to make some harm to us.
One day we had a big quarrel and they had hit me with a stone and they have warned me of killing by cutting into pieces and not only that I am staying in my father’s house they warn me that they will send me out of my house this is purely illegal occupying of my children’s share of grand fathers property.
Our neighbor does lot of illegal activities with the help of government officials and local political leaders some part of his land is illegally occupied he has occupied some part of government road.
The Neighbor lady not only disturbs us but the neighbors residing to her house and renters in her house she quarrels with each and everyone.
They also scream at our children who are very small 4 years and 2 years old.
My Neighbor and family details
1. Shekhar(Head)
2. Pavani

My younger brother and family details
1. Gunti Santosh Kumar(Head)
2. Sangeeta
I am staying here since 2004.I working with Genpact.

Please help.

Thanking you,

Kiran Kumar Gunti.
House no. 30-647/1/26,
Simhadri Nagar,

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