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Criminals @ Hyderabad Airport

Reported on March 16, 2011 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #32374

I don't mean to hurt any one...

Here is my story in Hyderabad International airport,
When I landed in Hyderabad airport with 2 laptops, and no other valuable items. They marked "X" in my baggage, that's their internal code language to communicate with all other idiots.

White dressed monkeys will be waiting there just looking at "X" marks at baggage, they won't look for anything else. once they observed that mark, you can see how that monkey will smile at you. Guess what, in very next moment, you will be surrounded by group of monkeys and asking for food/bribe.

I've argued with them for 30 mins, about the (http://www.cbec.gov.in/travellers.htm) travelers guidelines. then i realized that those monkeys are REALLY looking for Bribe only. I made it very clear that I WILL NOT PAY BRIBE, one of the monkey got angry and saying why you are saying BRIBE???
I said, then what it is? no answer from head monkey.....

Finally I paid 8000/- challan in the bank.. at least I'm Proud I gave some money to my mother land.

I've observed lot of literate bastards coming from USA are paying 1000-2000/- bribe and going with smile and handshaking with white monkeys.

Ask yourself:You are a Resposible citizen of India, you would like to spend money in other countries, but not paying to your mother land.

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