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  • 10 years ago

Bribe to Chief Engineer Despite being the lowest Tenderer

Reported on September 27, 2010 from Guwahati , Assam  ι Report #32669

My husband and I were visiting Guwahati in DEC 09. He was driving one evening and we wanted to make a rt turn in front of the District Library at the road leading to the Cotton College Girls Hostel. Even as he waited at the intersection, flashing rt, we debated if it was a oneway as there were no other cars turning rt on this usually busy intersection. There were no signs or police personnel visible. As soon as the car turned ninety degrees, a policeman emerged from the shadows where the autodrivers were huddled. He banged his lathi and my husband proceeded to ask him if it was a one way. He ignored and loudly questioned why we were violating. My husband explained that we were visiting and didn't see any sign so could not be sure. Policeman points to a sign in the shadows in the autostand. We tell him it's not very visible and that we had no intent to violate. He menacingly keeps asking what we were thinking turning rt on a no rt turn.After repeating that it was because we didn't see a sign or police person to tell us otherwise... He seems not to hear us and keeps repeating his Q. At this point I pipe in that we are not interested in paying any fines to him and he is free to take us to court. By this time cars are honking and he asks us to pull up by the curb.He now starts an argument on how women should speak. I tell him he is out of line and is free to call his chief. He marches off to confer with his colleague comes back to the drivers side tells my husband that he should have explained his case nicely and lets us off.

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