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Bribe to Carry a Gold Biscuit

Reported on August 13, 2013 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #35419

I was traveling from Singapore to Bangalore and was carrying a gold bar. There was this screening set up even before immigration counter at the Bangalore Airport where in an old man was purely scouting for gold biscuits because they were not bothered about TV's and other appliances, guess it was the 'gold day'. I had anyways declared the bar in my form so before proceeding i was taken to an isolated room and was asked 'how much can you pay', to which i answered i can pay what the law asks me to, to which he answered forget the law, how much can you pay me, which really annoyed me because he was demanding money from me as if it was his salary which was unpaid and i was liable to pay for it. Then he says its not me alone, everybody outside will share this money. I said i will pay the duty no matter what it is. He was super pissed and radioed the staff outside saying not to let me go. It was already 1.00 am in the night

Next comes the customs counter, he valued the bar, and had a list of prices of all things under the roof, he refused to accept my invoice and pulled out his mysterious list, which supposedly is published by the govt of my great country . I was carrying only enough money to pay duty as per CBEC website , i told him it is all the money i have, he says , with a smirk on his face and asking a junior to bring tea for him and i quote ''If you think website is not updated, go to delhi and complain to the Prime minister''.

I kept mum, because it is customs and what if they insert charas ganja or any xyz material into my luggage, yes i am a paranoid sob. But i was thinking to myself, if every man had one sin which was pardoned by law, i would have opted killing that guy. That was the level of my anger.

Lastly the rule says, again in the mysterious papers of Govt of India that the duty has to be paid in convertible foreign currency, conversion rate on normal international websites was 1:43, the sbi counter with the old faggot there, with a piece of paper and bad hand writing in pencil seemed to have received quotes from Alderon that the price was 1:38 , so i lose 5 bucks for every dollar. By now i was wishing for 2 sins to be pardoned.

I go to the ATM withdraw cash and go to the forex counter to change money, he says its illegal to buy dollars at the airport, by now i was praying for 3 sins to be pardonable , i go to the next counter, he says price is 37 , so i lose another rupee for conversion, so thats 6 bucks a dollar.

Then the custom guy tells me, that you work outside, make millions, what do we make,you should have paid the bribe, why did you get into all this ''duty lafda '', i wonder who told him i make millions but thats besides the point.

The point of this story is this,

1) my country is going to the dogs
2) There is no honest govt officer, no matter who comes Hazare or kejriwal, they cant do nuts about this system.
3)We are a dishonest race, no wonder our country is in tatters, we love to be enslaved and screw our own people.
4)Point 3 is a big statement, but look deep down, you will truly see we are dishonest and spineless.
5)This story will be as pointless as any of the other stories here, and the only gratification i have is i could find a platform to spit fire, the guys who harassed me are still out in the open and it wont make a damn difference to their lives.
6)Lastly, PC is an A * hole, you dont have any other attractive instruments to invest in, inflation is double digit, your bonds have Junk status and you expect people not to buy gold. I say F u.

What i wish for
1)I dont wish for anything,coz if wishes were horses , beggars would ride them all day. I have given up all hopes and just counting on karma to bite their butt real hard.

Rot in Hell you Moronic Bangalore Custom officers

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