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Bribe asked by police

Reported on January 31, 2016 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #91255

I met with an accident and the police station at rabade thane asked for bribe inspite of my vehicle being damaged and me suffering financial loss of 40000 or more .
They were so friendly with the one which committed crime and not polite with the me and my family inspite of the fact that vehicle was hit from behind and we were sufferers . Their sheer attitude and way of speaking with us was different and in height tone with attitude whereas they were hand shaking with the other party may be because of some connections .
One guy asked me for money which I refused and thereafter the police started treating us differently accusing me and my wife .
All they need is money and they have no heart or intention to help the people .
They did not even check if the other party had valid insurance , valid licence and basic details .
The statements were taken from their friend s who will obviously favor them or give statements in their name . At the spot there wet so many people and none was asked for statement . The system is sheer no sense and I m loosing faith in police with this incident .
They have not even guided us properly and asked us to consult lawyers . We pay so much tax to hear all this .. Wow .
Feels like I should have never complaint itself as police only helps who give them money or who is politically or otherwise connected . It's of no use for a common man .

This incident occurred on 30th Jan 2016 and entire police team of rabade thane was there .

There was a guy not in uniform ( maybe police friend ) who wanted bribe . This is a new trick as no one in official uniform will now ask for money .

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