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In our area there is a GHMC community hall where an Adhaar operator…

Reported on February 28, 2014 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #39714

In our area there is a GHMC community hall where an Adhaar operator having its computer and other camera working to enrolment and correction. This center is running six last more than 6 months. When ever any person want to enroll or adhaar correction he is asking money for process. For new enrolment he is taking Rs.100 and for any correction Rs. 200. Many people complaing in our area about this corruption but no one dare to ask him. Even if they ask he telling that it is not the government operator he is from private company. So every day more 20 to 30 persons enrolling or doing correction work.

I have dial 1100 and informed that is there any fees for enrolment and correction. They said no. When I enquire about this center they told there is no such center in this area. then I asked from where this operator running this adhaar enrolment center. When I want give complaint they put me on hold for more than 10 minutes without any proper reply. This has happen earlier also. They put on hold for long time than automatically we are forced to cut. How one can spend rs 15 to 20 each time without receive any reply on phone.

Today one of my friend who came from village to see me and told me that he applied for Adhar correction on net through one mee seva. As I no that if we apply throught mee seva or ap on line it will take long time. I told there is one operator in our area if we apply from here it will get in one month. So today I went to him and ask for correction but he asks Rs. 200. I told Adhaar enrolment or correction is free. Why you are asking money. He told he is from private service and the fees is from his office. He is just an employee. I told i will complain to the area corporator and also to Addhar official but he cant do anything if you want you can complain. So I called Adhaar 1100 at around 1:40 pm and informed about the things and money. they ask me my name and area name and then put me on hold for more than 10 minutes without taking complaint.

So I just on Internet than I find your site with a hope I am submitting these few lines hope you will do something. I will give the details below the exact location of enrolment location.

GHMC Community Hall
Near Arts College Railway Station
Secunderabad 500061
Andhra Pradesh

It has been since last 6 months

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