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  • 5 years ago

Asked for a bribe by traffic police.

Reported on September 21, 2015 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #65352

I was stopped by a traffic police, 50 meters from my house, and asked for my license and documents. Having it all, I showed him the documents which were dripping wet due to the rain water which had fill into the space under-seat where I had kept the docs and my helmet. The police then asked for Rs 100 as a fine. I explained to him how wet the helmet was from the inside, but he did not seem interested in hearing me out. Instead he started asking for a bribe of Rs 50. My friend who had held the helmet while I was driving showed him how wet it was, but instead he asked to stop arguing or else he would fine us for not having one mirror of the two. Knowing the fine is for not having both the mirrors, I thought I'd rather not encourage these selfish corrupted people who seek opportunity of taking due advantage of situations like these. I denied paying the bribe and he took away my license handing me a challan.

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