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I went to Sutarwadi Police Chowky to report the loss of my mobile…

Reported on March 2, 2014 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #39805

I went to Sutarwadi Police Chowky to report the loss of my mobile and file an FIR about it. Since I am currently staying in hostel , outside my state, I did not have the receipt of it , and so they refused to file complaint against loss of mobile . So, I decided to file an FIR against loss of SIM card only. They won't listen to me carefully and so, even after repeatedly mentioning, they wrote my institute's name as IISEI instead of IISER . After completing the FIR, I signed as asked. Then a higher official arrived, and asked me to give Rs. 100 to the person, who wrote my report. I refused, and he asked me to come back with money if I wish to get the report. Then he literally pushed me out.
I talked to my father on the phone and told him everything, and pretended to the police officer not to care about the report. Then, after about 5 minutes, he called me back, and asked me to get a photocopy of the report. I got the photocopy , and he signed on it. Finally I got my report without bribing, and it felt really good.

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