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  • 10 years ago

Asked for a bribe but didn't pay but was charged extra because of the same

Reported on October 6, 2010 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #32661

I was in Jayanagar and was not aware of the roads there so I happened to come out of a lane which was supposedly one-way without any sign boards. This was at 4th Block market. And as usual instead of educating people the traffic cops were standing after the turn so that they cannot be seen. They stopped me and was told that I came out of a one-away to which I apologised and said I was not aware. Since I broke a rule, I said I will pay the fine. I know the fine is Rs 100 as I had just seen it on the website. I was about to pay it but I asked for a receipt so the traffic cop doubled the amount and gave me a receipt of Rs 200 (no entry + Obstruction) I dont see why that was added as it was a Sunday morning and there was no traffic to obstruct. It is really sad the way our govt. employees behave!

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