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  • 9 years ago

Admission to DY Patil engineering college

Reported on August 29, 2011 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #31536

My son was to take admission after his 12th. Though he was getting admission in other streams but he was determined to take BSC Biotec. None of the institutes in Pune have well equiped lab for Biotec students, comparatively DY Patil was better.
Myself met Shri DY Patil (Old man and gov of assam now)he gave me a letter to visit the institute. When I went there intially I was shocked to find Police man standing out side the gate and parents coming with briefcase entering Principals office and getting their wards admission confirmed. Finally DY Patils Pa asked me howmuch I can donate at least. I told I have no money thats the reason I met Chairperson. I was called again and again for one month. Latter on I left the option and took admission for my son in other institute.
Again I met Mr DY Patil and told him that you being the owner of institute no body pays any heed to your recommendation every one wants money , how is it. He tried to contact his PA to show off. I told sir, leave it my son has already taken admission, but hope a day will come when you people will be one of the most neglected class in this country . This incident has taken place in the airport in front of all others standing there.

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