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A Jayashri and M Sanjay paid and took bribe for her Job in Railways

Reported on September 26, 2015 from Secunderabad , Telangana  ι Report #66267

This is for your information that in the year 2008 A Jayasri was appointed in Rail Nilayam through M Sanjay Kumar's help. M Sanjay Kumar works as OS in the track Section of HQ, Secunderabad. She was allocated the Job of her deceased Husband Mr A Kameswar Rao who worked at Kaharagpur Locomotive as Group D. However she managed to secure a job in Group C right from the time of allotment.This sounds a little dicey . Upon trying to figure the reason out ,We have recently come to know that she had bribed the Officials in Kharagpur for clearing the Group C exams. Also,she has bribed the officials for giving her Transfer to Head Quarters in Secunderabad. Proof of these could be the Money that her Parents gave her through their PF settlement amount. She had withdrawn those via cheques. M Sanjay was a played a key role in helping her with her appointment in HQ Rail Nilayam. She had also asked money from her brother for bribing..which she had not disclosed initially but agrees to it now. You can take reference from ICICI Bank,Chennai.
It was taken by T Shrinivas Rao in 2008 where the reason for taking Personal Loan is clarified.
She is also one of the candidates appointed by Rajendra who was exposed some time back and is currently behind bars for taking bribe and recruiting people in railway.
She is currently trying to place her Tenants in Railways against money/gold.
For your information she works with the Stores Deptt in Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad currently and is also involved in bribe activities with some Vendors for whom she passes tenders. Please have a closer look or investigate for yourself.
She is currently living at the following address:
A Jayasri
Block 17, B-38
Sitaphalmandi Rialway Quarter
In case you are not able to track either of them,Please reach Anu Bai(Pvt.Sec(COS)) in stores deptt.

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