• I Paid A Bribe
  • 5 years ago

Rules are used for harassing common man

Reported on January 2, 2015 from Thane , Maharashtra  ι Report #49289

Recently I visited Thane for some personal work. Because tinted glass is not allowed I roll down all my car windows. However at a signal cop came to me asked me to roll up windows of my car and then told me to take car aside. Then his boss came and asked for all documents, I showed all documents except PUC, I had all previous PUC certificates, last one expired just 2 months back. He told me total fine is 1200 bucks and that I will have to collect my license 8 days later from the office once I show the car with clear windows. Since I had plans for a month to visit outside, now left with no choice. I told him I am ready to pay all fine right away, and take my license back, to which he told me I can pay rs 1000, he will reduce rs 200. I asked for receipt he told me if I want receipt, I will not get the license back. So I asked him if you don't give receipt, what if someone else caught me for which he provided his name and phone number to me. Later I realised that fine for tinted glass is rs 100, and for driving without PUC is rs 500. I called him up next day, to enquire about this, and also asked him whether he even knows why these rules are made, to which he replied rules are for terrorist, but everybody has to suffer because of this.

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