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  • 10 months ago

Corrupt Trafic Police of UP.

Reported on October 2, 2019 from Gorakhpur , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #214635

The Whole department is a corrupt my car was at the railway station on 2 October, while I WAS THERE TO lift of my relatives on the station, a police jeep came of the officers came out and one of them sat inside , the one asked to follow the direction which he provides , I followed same , he asked to stop at the police line Gorakhpur , and then he wrapped the car keys and asked me to get off the car and you will have to pay the challan.
After a short request nothing happened, they don't even listen to me (without money).
There it happened at 1 pm afternoon, I thought I will pay the challan but for what. Then I go to the traffic police office and then they said you have to pay a penalty of no parking, I was like are you joking with me I was there only in the car when that Rascal came.
Then I asked after waiting for several of ours for the officer( SPT) to cut my challan
But here's the point they don't have server network they argued, I was not able to even stand straight I was waiting for hours but still no response I was hungry and what to say.
But still, I waited for some more time there comes an idiot DST of Gorakhpur who was taking challan of Auto Rikshaw drivers, he was all-time blaming the UP government that they have implemented this bad traffic rules it's all Yogi's CM fault and that's why you all are suffering and then he asked all the Car owners that go back to the Traffic police office(we were all at the police line waiting for any response) he asked that SPT has announced something new please go there and wait until he comes.
He even Shouted several times on all the Person as if he the supreme.
At last, nothing is happening I waiting till now and now I going to pay 2000-3000 Rs. As Bribe, because they don't go to take any responsibility for my car standing on the Police line, I will give a bribe to the Spt and Dpt office of the traffic department of Gorakhpur police. I am waiting for the morning to now It was really a good Gandhi Jayanti for me.

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