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  • 8 years ago

The officer scolded me for 15 minutes for offering sweets to him as a token of appreciation

Reported on December 3, 2012 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #32731

This is in the year 1999, It was my first opportunity to fly to USA and I did not have a passport and there was no Tatkal scheme at that point of time. I approached an IPS officer through some known contacts to recommend me to get a passport as soon as possible through some special conditions that existed in the law. Initially she accepted to help me out, but later she reject my request because there was circular to not to recommend any person for getting passport unless they know the person directly. Since I was not known to her directly she rejected the plea.

I was disappointed and went to the passport office and had to submit the passport through the regular channel and it would take about 45-60 days to get it. After submitting my passport application form I was waiting in the queue to collect my acknowledgement letter and was very tiered. I saw a hawker selling tea in the passport office and bought a cup of tea from him. I just picked up a casual chat with hawker (aged about 25 years) and asked him for how long he has been supplying tea in this office, he said 5 years. Another person accompanying me immediately asked this street hawker if we could get our passport in a short time of 15 days. His eyes glowed and he immediately told us the entire workflow in the passport office and whom to approach for what. He said that this entire process will take atleast 25-30 days. However, there is a gentleman by name ******* (I don't remember his complete name) and if you can convince him about your requirement he can personally talk to the passport officer and get it done very fast. We approached this gentleman ******* and after listening to our story he agreed to help and we got the passport in 15 days, without paying any bribe to anyone. I rewarded the hawker with Rs 100/- for helping me out. Then I wanted to somehow convey my wishes to Mr ******* also for helping me out without taking any bribe. I had learned that he has got good influence on the passport officer because of his sincerity and straight forward attitude. So I bought a sweet box and gave to his family and went to the office and thanked him for helping me out on the same day. When I was about to collect my passport I learned from the clerk that my passport was with Mr. ********** and I could collect it from him. I approached him to collect his passport and thanked him again for helping me out. He was furious looking at me because he learned of the sweet box that I had given to his family. He returned that sweet box and scolded me for abusing him of that way. After 14 years, I remember his name even today because he was such a sincere officer. I hope the government will recognize such people and reward them amicably.

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