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  • 9 years ago

Verification Guys, who are CHIEF MINISTERS, when they come!

Reported on August 18, 2011 from Jammu , Jammu and Kashmir  ι Report #31675

Pathetic Lot. May god Curse them all (who r corrupt)

I had to wait 5 months + meeting with passport officer (and then a call to some guy my relative knew inside passport office) to get my passport, after i didn't bribe and didn't show "plz" "kindly sit plz" attitude to a police verification guy (probably 12th pass.Alright at least, he appeared to be, also in talk) who was behaving like a CHIEF MINISTER from the time of ringing my bell to the end point when he said " Even Director GENERAL OF POLICE" cant set aside his reporting (a kind of open declaration of my passport verification delay)

THE PROOF that he actually delayed is:
2 of my other family members applied on same time and got it 2 months earlier. AS SIMPLE AS THAT

The instance is of JAMMU (passport office) J&K and people here are not just laced but frozen in corruption, given its a militancy hit state and they have a BIG EXCUSE to demand almost anything else delay it to hell!

God sees all. He had it added to his *******

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