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  • 9 years ago

Pay for carrying liquid in your handbag

Reported on August 23, 2011 from Jaipur , Rajasthan  ι Report #31603

Well, I was traveling to Dubai on a holiday trip and wasn't aware of the security rule to avoid storage of liquid products like shampoos etc. Post immigration check, my handbag was scanned & a sunsilk shampoo was found. I told the security guys that I wasn't aware of the law and they should suggest a way I could get this back to my checked-in luggage. On which, 2 male cops whispered to me - "500 Dedo Kharcha Paani". I got ticked off, raised my voice to "Why I should Pay?". Took the shampoo, squeezed out every bit of shampoo in the waste bin and walked to the waiting area - Proudly! Another Incident, again at the airport - While coming back at Jaipur from Sharjah via Air Arabia - an old guy sitting at Immigration/Passport control (Early Morning) held on to my passport saying it has irregularities and kept me waiting while clearing other passengers. Finally when the long Que was dealt with, I was asked to pay 2500 rupees. I shouted, people and police inside gathered and one senior police guy told me Sorry and I was ok to enter my own city. Such people bring shame to the country.

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